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Top 20 Marketing Mistakes You Are Making Today

by Mike Oddo

  The key to marketing is differentiation. This list will give you the roadmap on how to be different in your business...

This is Why There is No Such Thing as a Bad Lead

by Mike Oddo

    “These leads are junk!” You’ve either heard it or said it about one lead source or...

This is How To Structure A Successful Real Estate Team

by Mike Oddo

  Putting your team together the right way makes all the difference   You’re ready to grow your team, but...

The 5 C's of Cost Effective Lead Generation

by Mike Oddo

  How to ensure your lead generation budget isn’t crippling your business This sound familiar? You saw...

The Best Ways to Stay in Front of Your Subscribers Part 1: Blogging

by Mike Oddo

      The best agents out there possess two elements of success that most other agents don’t : 1)...

The Best Ways to Stay in Front of Your Subscribers: Video

by Mike Oddo

    If you missed the first entry of this three-part series on the best ways to stay in front of your subscribers,...

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  • Serial Entrpreneur
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  • INC 500/5000 Past 2 Years in a row
  • #1 Team in Lake of The Ozarks by 26
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